FRESS, Fundació de Recerca i Estudis Socials i Sanitaris, is a private non-profit foundation oriented to the research and conduct of studies of a social and health nature of European scope based in Barcelona, which develops its activity according to the norms contained in the Civil Code of Catalonia.

Founded in 2019 by a team of specialist technicians with extensive experience in the social, health and education sector with the collaboration of other sponsorships, donations and legacies, who work to provide a wide range of innovative ideas and solutions with the aim of promoting and improve the present social and health reality through participation in research, education and training, social and health services and establishments, social responsibility and guarantee of healthcare ethics as well as quality compliance.

Keeping in mind the great importance of networking and the high degree of social internationalization in all areas, strawberries also works and values with the network of organizations and professionals that collaborate jointly at European and international level.


The main purposes of the Foundation are:

  • Improve social and health care.
  • Develop personal and professional skills of management, intervention and support teams to promote the improvement of social and health services and establishments.
  • Value the network of organizations and collaborating professionals at European and international level, in particular in four thematic areas:
    • Education and training.
    • Social and health services and establishments.
    • Social responsibility and guarantee of healthcare ethics.
    • Quality.


In order to fulfill the main purposes of promotion and improvement of the present social and health reality and in accordance with the needs of the reference community, it has been agreed that the foundation works by developing the following activities:

  1. Conducting European studies, research and projects to promote national and European policies in the field of social and health services and establishments, education and training, social responsibility and guarantee of healthcare ethics and quality.
  2. Support for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and information.
  3. Implementation of training and consulting activities.
  4. Promotion of quality assurance in education and training.
  5. Definition and implementation of European professional qualifications.
  6. Promotion of the implementation and development of innovative organizational models for the social and health sector.
  7. Collaboration with national and international organizations, in particular with universities, research and study centers, schools, training institutes and chambers of commerce..
  8. Organization and participation in conventions, workshops, seminars, meetings and study visits.
  9. Management of newsletters, books, articles and publications, also online.


FRESS conceives the board of trustees as the governing body and the representative part of the foundation. People who are part of the board of directors are obliged to provide activity to the foundation. It is responsible for establishing and monitoring the activities to be developed, controlling budgets and defining performance criteria for the fulfillment of the foundational objectives

More specifically, the main functions of the board are:

  1. The evaluation of the work carried out by the executive committee of the foundation.
  2. The evaluation of the work carried out by the same board of trustees, that is, to ensure that the foundational objective is really ensured.
  3. The guarantee that there is a justification of the foundation’s accounts before the company, with the highest possible degree of transparency of the actions, and the establishment of the measurement of the results and the social impact of the projects and activities for ratify the fulfillment of the mission